Our goal is to provide a fast and reliable charging infrastructure for electric vehicle owners, as well as other value-added services, by creating a charging eco-system for electric vehicles.

Zebra Electronics Web Portal: Intelligent System for EVs 

You can use Zebra Electronics online portal to check and monitor your charging stations. The system is also suitable for user management and therefore can be used for a wide variety of applications and business models. The smartphone application informs users of the location of the charging stations and provides the most convenient control of the charging process. The Zebra Electronic cloud system is a versatile solution for the management of charging stations and the central control of the charging network.



All Zebra Electronics stations are manufactured in accordance with the "internet of objects" principles and can be centrally managed via the Internet. This central management brings many advantages. Such as:

  • Stations are monitored remotely to check whether they are working properly.

  • Due to the evolving technology and changing standards, the updating requirements of the stations' software are formed. Automatic updates are made at all Zebra Electronics stations that are connected to internet.

  • Users can be remotely assisted when they encounter a problem (such as losing a member card).

  • Users or operators can monitor the operation via the Voltron Portal or mobile phone applications while charging.

  • Charge history information, invoice display, etc. can be reached through the portal . You can also make reservations, set the charging time, and so on.

  • Members can benefit from campaigns at certain stations.

Charging Station Management

The system allows operators to control and monitor the charging network. Easy to read display panels provide a wide range of information about the current state of each charge point. In the event of a malfunction, the operator is promptly sent a warning message.

Real-time data helps you determine where your maintenance work will be soon so you can ensure the availability of charging stations. Zebra Electronics cloud is the data recording center for all your charging stations.

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Consumption and Cost Management

Each charge in the charging station connected to the Zebra Electronic cloud system is documented. The recorded data includes not only the charging time and duration, but also the actual consumed amount. In the system, this consumption can be assigned a price; so that users have a full overview of the costs when charging. In conjunction with authorization systems and user management, operators can assign each charge directly to a specific user and issue an invoice accordingly.