• Personal Use

    It is the ideal low cost solution for personal use.

  • Central Management

    With Zebra Elektronik Personal's remote management feature, charging start / stop, locking, time based operations can be performed.

  • Usage Reports

    Charge times, used electricity quantities and cost reports can be generated instantly via the portal.

  • Internet Connection

    Zebra Elektronics Personal automatically retrieves firmware updates via internet connection and thus always remains up-to-date.

  • Fast Charging

    It can charge 8 times faster from a wall socket and provides enough power to travel 100 kilometers on an hourly charge.

  • Compatible with All Models

    It is compatible with all electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles complying with the European standard EN61851.

  • Type 2 Socket

    Zebra Electronics Personal charging stations have Type 2 socket.

  • Different Color Options

    Standard blue, green, orange colors are available, also can be produced in different colors according to your corporate identity.