• Management and Reporting

    By combining our station network management system with our software applications, we enable EV charger owners to control their stations anywhere with an internet connection, access usage reports, and collect station fees.

  • Internet Connection

    All reporting, payment management and station management operations can be done easily via internet portal.

  • Commercial and Multiple Use

    The Zebra Electronics Commercial unit offers fair charge management by allowing users to be billed up to their usage amount when multiple users are present. It can also be used for commercial purposes.

  • Payment Management

    Payments are automatically made through credit cards in the created accounts of the drivers. The accumulated charging service fees are transferred to the account of the station owner.

  • Remote Access

    With remote access, charging station software updates can be done.

  • Fast Charge

    It can charge 8 times faster from a wall socket and provides enough power to travel 100 kilometers on an hourly charge.

  • Compatible with All Models

    It is compatible with all electrical and plug-in hybrid vehicles complying with the European standard EN61851.

  • Type 2 Socket

    Zebra Electronics Commercial charging stations have Type 2 socket.