Charging Station Solutions

Electric vehicles need reliable charging stations and Zebra Electronics supplies ideal solutions.

Zebra Electronics' state-of-the-art charge station solutions are the driving force behind electric transport.

Everything is under control with Zebra Electronics Web Portal

You can use the Zebra Electronic cloud-based online portal to check and monitor your charging stations. Customized web portal is the ideal solution for the control and management of your charging stations.

Charging Station Solutions

Zebra Electronics charging station solutions enable charging points to be installed quickly, at an affordable cost and with minimum space. We offer not only products that are compatible with the latest technology but also a comprehensive range of services including interface and information systems support, consulting, financing and maintenance. In order to operate this kind of infrastructure safely, we give you full support, so that you can join a high-growth potential.

For more information about our comprehensive portfolio of solutions:

Research and Development


Installation and Maintenance

Pricing and Operation

Network Services

Technology and Interfaces

EV Charging Station Consulting

360 Expertise

We have the necessary expertise to make charging infrastructure of any size possible for our customers. We are a full service provider, offering consulting, planning, execution, installation and maintenance services from a single point.

Using only high-quality materials and components, we work in partnership with our trusted partners and suppliers to continually improve our solutions. Our goal is long-term improvement of performance, ease of use and durability.